Longarm Quilting Services


Quilting with Karen


  • Edge-to edge quilting is one pattern which is quilted across the quilt from top to bottom and from edge to edge.  I offer two types of edge-to-edge quilting, computerized pantographs and freehand allovers.
    Freehand Allover:

    • A freehand pattern is developed across the body of the quilt to complement the style, theme and piecing.
    • The pattern can range in complexity from a simple meander or loops to interlocking fancy feathers.
    • This style lends itself well to the contemporary modern quilt style but also can be very effective on a traditional block pattern.

    Computerized Pantograph:

    • A computer guided pattern is quilted across the quilt. 
    • Pantographs are good for theme quilts as you can select a pattern to match the theme of your quilt – dogs, tennis, flowers, etc.
Quilting with Karen


Light Custom
Quilting with Karen


One or two borders Interior of the quilt may have one repeated block that receives the same treatment throughout or may be quilted with an allover design.

Stitch in the ditch quilting between borders and around block seam lines.

May require turning the quilt to complete the border quilting.

May require one or two thread color changes.

Quilting with Karen
Full Custom

Quilting with KarenTwo or more borders, different blocks each receiving unique designs, appliqué blocks, sashing, cornerstones. All elements receive stitch in the ditch quilting. Turning the quilt to complete border quilting is required.

Multiple thread color changes are employed.




Heirloom quilting employs development of unique designs or more advanced techniques such as trapunto, or extensive ruler work.

Various background treatments are used to emphasize and complement the piecing and/or appliqué.


Pricing factors

The cost of quilting your quilt is determined by two factors – the size of your quilt and the style of quilting you select.  Even then there is a range of costs depending on the complexity of quilting selected within that style.  We will consult about your quilt and I will offer you more than one option for your selection.

Prices are based on per square inch (the length of your quilt in inches times the width of your quilt in inches). 

Computerized pantograph:  1 ½ cents to 2 ½ cents per square inch

Freehand Allover:  2 cents to 3 ½ cents per square inch

Light Custom:  3 ½ cents to 4 ½ cents per square inch

Full Custom:  4 ½ cents to 5 ½ cents per square inch

Heirloom:  6 cents and up per square inch